The 90 Day Brand Plan

The DIY brand roadmap for overwhelmed solopreneurs.

     ⚡️ Gain clarity. 
     ⚡️ Find your purpose. 
     ⚡️ And stop winging it.

Take control of your brand (and what it stands for) so you never have to second-guess Every.Single.Decision in your business again.

Sound good? Enrol now. Start 1st October 👇👇🏽👇🏿

Let me see...

You’re a business owner who’s in it with your heart and soul.
You have BIG plans for the future.
You want to go places.

But somehow things just aren’t happening for you.

The growth, momentum and success you were hoping for still seem more like a ‘maybe, possibly and somehow’ than a ‘heck yes’.

And the struggle to come up with a business plan that you can stick to (and that makes sense) is as real as ever.

Along the way you’ve probably found yourself worrying about a few things:
(and for good reasons)

     🌟 Will this running-my-business thing ever get easier?
     🌟 How come everyone else seems to know what they’re doing?
     🌟 When will I find my niche so that I can stop talking to EVERYONE and finally make this gig profitable?
     🌟 Is it even possible to get my head around the bigger picture with only me, myself and I to call on?

Doubting yourself has taken over from that initial excitement of registering your business name. 
Of sending that first email as business owner.
Of simply going for it.
Naive and full of ideas.

OVERWHELM is your new middle name.

And you’ve got the match at the ready to light the whole thing on 🔥🔥🔥

Put 👏 down👏🏽 the 👏🏾 match

Before you give up on your dream and sign up to business owner overwhelm for life, let me assure you that there is an alternative.

A smarter way of doing business.

And the best thing: It’s right there waiting to be unleashed.

That smarter take on business can…

  • Give you a clear direction so that making decisions only takes a split second. Because you JUST KNOW
  • Help you think BIG PICTURE so you’re ready no matter what the universe throws at you. Did anyone say *ahem* COVID-19?
  • Win you back hours trying to find THE answers to your countless problems in a bunch of rubbish online resources that don’t get you anywhere
  • Set you up with the skills and passion to take on your industry, the market and your goals
And ROCK IT! 👊⚡️

And who TF am I to talk, you say?

Hey, I’m MELISSA 👋
As a brand and marketing strategist with close to 20 years experience managing some of Australia’s biggest and most-loved brands (eeep!), I’ve seen it all.

I'm a corporate escapee, 80s music tragic, craft beer lover, eco noob and toddler mama. I also happen to know a thing or two about helping good humans understand how to strategise for their business.
When you know your brand inside out and let it guide every decision you make, the sky’s the limit. On the flipside, it can be paralysing not having a plan. That’s when dreaded overwhelm, constant second-guessing and ‘spinning wheel syndrome’ move in, and you’re simply Not.Getting.Anywhere.

It’s awful. And so unnecessary.

Over the past 4 years I’ve stepped it up a notch as an independent brand strategist for incredible solopreneurs with my own signature approach to brand strategies - The Brand Codex©.

The Brand Codex©

That signature Brand Codex© has helped my overwhelmed clients…

💫  Achieve high 4 and 5-figure months. Consistently.
💫  Remember their overarching goal. And why they’re in business in the first place.
💫  Brief designers and web developers with such clarity that there’s only one way to go: nail it!
💫  Feel excited to show up authentically and share their values with their community. 

That’s why I love what I do.

Guiding purpose-driven solopreneurs with no-fluff brand strategies that they can run with and nail so they have a REAL impact on this world!

One brand at a time 👊 ⚡️

You might have spotted snippets of my branding advice here:

“I had been running my business for around 4 years, but I was losing sight of my goals and vision. I wasn't sure if my business was quite "right for me" any more. 

Through working with Melissa, I feel excited and optimistic again. I went from feeling like I was on the totally wrong track to believing in my product, my message, my own voice even.

I am falling back in love with my business.

I am really happy because I know this is the best investment in my business I could have made. if I could turn back the clock, I'd go back 2 or 3 years and work with Melissa then.
Jenny, Digital Nomad Girls

It's time to 👏🏾 stop 👏🏼 winging 👏 it.

Take on that NEXT BIG THING with brand clarity and purpose by your side.

Heck yassssss!

⚡️⚡️⚡️ Introducing the 90 Day Brand Plan ⚡️⚡️⚡️ Your ticket to a business that rocks your world

AKA the DIY brand roadmap that sets you up with the complete brand plan you need to grow your business with purpose so you can have a positive impact and leave your mark.


Your next 90 days are going to completely transform how you see yourself and your business.

Imagine life as a solopreneur where…

💫  You’re crystal clear on your brand and where you're headed
💫  You’ve mapped out your marketing for the next 6 months
💫  You’ve lined up all the right collaborations
💫  You’ve mastered a brand voice that’s unmistakably you
💫  You love what you do and what you stand for

And wish it had always been that way!

Do I see you nodding along?

Then my signature step-by-step take on a brand strategy that JUST MAKES SENSE is for you.

The 90 Day Brand Plan is the DIY roadmap that brings the signature Brand Codex© I’ve successfully used in my 4 years of working with 1:1 clients to life (and usually sets you back between $8-10k).

It guides you through all the steps you need to build the complete brand strategy to love 💖 live 🙌 and grow 📈 your business. Because you deserve brand clarity and purpose so you can leave your mark and make a genuine difference.

Yeahhh, you know you do 🤗 

Within the 90 Day Brand Plan you’ll learn all the strategies to...

⚡️  Be crystal clear on what your brand stands for so you no longer stab in the dark
⚡️  Know your audience inside out so you can pinpoint what makes them tick
⚡️  Confidently pitch your offer so that you win over new (and existing) raving fans
⚡️  Become your own brand strategist with sound business skills you can use again and again
⚡️  Know how to market your business to make it profitable. And keep it that way!

Pretty game-changing, right?!

Nailing these strategies is a big deal. So how does the 90 Day Brand Plan come through with the goods?

Other online brand strategy offers

◾️ Confuse your logo, fonts and brand colours with a brand strategy.

◾️ Get the message across in Zoom group calls when as a busy solopreneur you might be better off spending the time working on your own strategy when it suits you.

◾️ Drip-feed the content so it seems like a small eternity before the penny drops.

◾️ Ask many questions, but fail to mention why they’re so important.

◾️ Use lengthy videos and Powerpoint slides to teach without giving you a step-by-step process to follow.

The 90 Day Brand Plan

💫  Understands that your brand strategy is to your business what your heart is to your body. Your brand strategy informs all 👏🏼 the 👏🏼 strategies 👏🏼 in your business. And it certainly is not just a logo! We cover your business, your brand and your marketing all in one holistic approach so you can kick goals left, right and centre.

💫  Gives you access to all the insights and strategies in an easy-to-use planning app, that puts you in charge of your progress and delivers personal outcomes every time you tick an action point off. No group sessions to squeeze into your already busy schedule as a solopreneur.

💫  Suggests 90 days as a guide so you can set your expectations from the get-go, but gives you all the content as soon as you sign up so you can decide how quickly you want to have the clarity to go for that NEXT BIG THING. Go hard for a week or pace yourself over 90 days. The choice is yours.

💫  Empowers you to question anything that goes into your strategy so you can revisit it as your business evolves or uncontrollable things happen *ahem* COVID-19 *ahem*. It allows you to go deep and drive your own growth from a place of knowledge and understanding.

💫  Skips time-wasting and prompts you through your brand strategy with bite-sized videos, hard-hitting insights, walkthroughs, checklists and blueprints that will turn into a holistic brand strategy for your business. Hold onto it for years to come and revisit it regularly to stay on top of things.

And here is what you can expect inside…

💫  The 90 Day Brand Plan will guide you through your entire business, brand and marketing strategy with a perfect combination of no-fluff lessons, videos and checklists. Across 6 modules you’ll cover all the juicy bits that make up the signature Brand Codex© I’ve been using successfully with my 1:1 clients for many years.

💫  All lessons and videos live on a convenient online platform (right here!) that allows you to access the content from anywhere so you can complete step by step.

💫  As part of The 90 Day Brand Plan you’ll also receive access to your own Trello board that prompts you with handy checklists so you can create your own holistic brand plan for your business in no time. Trello is a free planning app that makes progressing through your personal brand plan a real joy. 

💫  That sweet spot of online lessons with the added oomph of a step-by-step checklist not only keeps you on track, but makes The 90 Day Brand Plan your perfect brand buddy to hold your hand and cheer you on.

The 90 Day Brand Plan roadmap covers...

Your business strategy (modules 1 & 2)

👊⚡️ How can you rock as a business? Uncover your current challenges. Embrace your strengths and turn them into your biggest assets. Identify your weaknesses and learn how to turn them into opportunities.
🧐 Who are you talking to? Get to know your ideal customer so you know them inside out. Build your own customer profiles so you can picture them, are clear on what they really need and how to convince them to buy.
🔍 Where do you sit among your competitors? Read the trends and dynamics that impact your business so you can find your niche to success. Take a deep-dive into who you’re up against so you know where you stand and what makes you stand out.
→ After this step you’ll walk away with the confidence that you’ve just carved yourself a niche that will set your business up for longterm success. Simply because you’ve put in the hard work! 👊⚡️

Your brand strategy (modules 3 - 5)

🙌 Why does your brand exist? Define your purpose and vision so you can find the right path for your business future.
🔑 What guides your decision making? Identify your values and beliefs so they can educate every decision you make from here on. 
🎭 Which personality fits you like a glove? Embrace ‘who’ your brand is and develop a recognisable brand voice so your audience falls in love with it.
💫 Why should your audience care? Spell out how you add tangible value for your customers so it’s crystal clear and irresistible.
📡 How do you communicate your value? Create a strategic messaging plan so you can meet your audience where they naturally hang out and motivate them at each point along their decision-making journey.
→ After this step you can confidently say that there’s no brand like yours out there and you’ll attract your ideal customers with a brand that’s unmistakably you. Congrats! 🎉 🌟

Your marketing strategy (module 6)

💰 What makes sound financial objectives? Define your financial business targets and learn to create and track your marketing budget so you don’t get caught out.
🗺 What does a strategic marketing plan look like? Set clear objectives, map out your marketing channels and plan your marketing calendar so you can release your strategy into the world.
📊 How do you track your campaign performance? Adopt clever systems and tools that help you track the efficacy of your marketing activities.
🔀 What if a campaign is not performing? Grow the confidence to optimise underperforming campaigns so you don’t have to wave your hard-earned 💸💸💸 goodbye.
→ After this step you can rely on winning strategies for marketing campaigns that get you results and don’t take months to plan. Because nobody’s got time for that! 🙅‍♀️

I'm set on giving you the best chance at business success

So you'll also get a set of 5 blueprints to create a personal brand guide. Document what your version of business and brand success looks like ✨ and hone in on your values and messaging so they’re crystal clear.
Use the blueprints to keep all the brilliant aha moments 🙌from The 90 Day Brand Plan and refer back to your own genius 🤩 when you come across roadblocks.
You’ll also receive a handy 💫Marketing Plan on a Page 💫 so you can visualise your goals and turn your campaigns into sell-out successes.

Aaaannnnd because I don't know when to stop, I’ll give you access to my proven 📝briefing templates for freelancers and agencies 📝such as graphic designers, web designers, copywriters and social media managers. Save yourself headaches while getting the best return on your investment. Simply because you’re clear on what you want.

Ready to discover what brand clarity and purpose could mean for your business?

💫⚡️💫⚡️ 💫⚡️ The 90 Day Brand Plan ⚡️💫⚡️💫⚡️💫 Your ticket to a business that rocks your world

Lifetime access to your self-paced online destination so you can craft your own Business, Brand and Marketing Strategy

💻 6 modules with bite-sized lessons that guide you through all the winning ingredients of my signature Brand Codex© (usually reserved for my 1:1 clients)


✅ The 90 Day Brand Plan Trello Board: the game-changing checklist that keeps you on track and holds you accountable


⚡️ BONUS 5 Blueprints to create your personal brand guide
⚡️ BONUS Marketing Plan on a Page so you can turn your campaigns into sell-out successes
⚡️ BONUS Briefing templates for freelancers and agencies to save you headaches and 💰💰💰

(Aussies, yep this price includes GST)

(total = $501 USD - no unethical price gauging on payment plans here!)


Rather than hearing it from me, let’s hand over the mic straight to those who’ve trusted me and my signature Brand Codex©.

(and loved it)

You’re pretty much sold, but need to get some burning questions off your chest? Let's do this:

Is The 90 Day Brand Plan right for me?

If you’re sick of not running blind without direction or clarity, are happy to roll up your sleeves and take action in your business, then this is for you. Using The 90 Day Brand Plan gives you the framework and support to DIY your complete strategy without the 1:1 price tag.

How much of the work will I have to do myself?

The 90 Day Brand Plan is a self-paced DIY roadmap to a complete strategy for your business. You’ll receive my expert insights and checklists via 6 modules within a self-paced online destination and a Trello board. But then it’s over to you. It’s up to you to put in the work to make those insights and checklists work for you. The takeaways are directly linked to your commitment and grit.

If you’re scared to DIY, you can always upgrade to one of my 🔗 Brand Mentor packages 🔗 or hand over your business to me entirely to craft a done-for-you strategy. But that’ll come at a much higher price tag. I’m talking from USD$10k. The 90 Day Brand Plan is all about helping those purpose-driven brands with ALL the vision - but a small budget - a way of making an impact with a killer brand strategy that has an impact. 

Why 90 days? Can I create my brand plan right now?

Well hello there, keen bean! The 90 Day Brand Plan is your actionable self-paced roadmap to DIY your complete strategy. It’s designed to walk you through each step so you can consider it carefully. How quickly (or slowly) you arrive at your strategy is totally up to you. The more thought and effort you put into it, the more will it reward you down the track 💫 All the content is yours to keep, so if business (or life) gets in the way, you can revisit it when you’re ready.

I run a bricks and mortar business. Is The 90 Day Brand Plan still relevant for me?

Absolutely. I’ve created The 90 Day Brand Plan with both online and offline business models in mind.

I’m not in Australia. Does The 90 Day Brand Plan apply to me?

Totally. Running a business relies on the same strategies no matter where in the world you are. The beauty of this programme is that I can directly impact business owners all over the world.

What the heck is Trello? And will the content be overly techie?

🔗 Trello 🔗 (make sure you open link in new window 😉) is a free planning app that helps you streamline processes. It’s super easy to use and you’ll be up and running in no time (even if you don’t work in IT). As soon as you hit that pink button, I’ll email you a quick intro video to set the scene for The 90 Day Brand Plan. This video includes everything you need to know about Trello and how to navigate your way through the board and app itself. Chances are you’ll fall in love with Trello and soon will scheme ways to use it across other areas of your business.

I’m puzzled by the round numbers? Why don’t you use sneaky pricing tactics like most other online businesses?

I don’t buy into ‘charm pricing’. It tricks trusting buyers (like you) to perceive the investment lower than it is. It manipulates and is unethical. My approach to marketing aligns with The Ethical Move and I’ve pledged not to use charm pricing in my business. Intrigued? Learn more 🔗here🔗 (make sure you open link in new window 😉).

Once I’ve completed all the components in The 90 Day Brand Plan, how do I know my strategy will work?

Like any good strategy, it can’t be set in stone. Conditions will change, your audience preferences will shift, trends will come and go, regulations will change and those pandemics might happen (who would have thought, right?) 🤪 

You’ll have to keep a close eye on your environment and adapt it as you go along. But the good thing is that you will have the skills and expertise to adapt as things impact your business. Because you’re a champion!

What if going DIY scares me?

No troubles, bubbles! I’m confident in The 90 Day Brand Plan and the guidance it provides in the DIY pathway. BUT, if you are one of the many business owners who likes to have accountability and added support, then 🔗 opt for one of my Brand Mentor upgrades 🔗. They’re the happy medium between my exclusive 1:1 done-for-you strategies and the DIY pathway.

Why do you charge in USD when you’re in Australia?

My stellar clients live all over the world so I choose to charge in USD, which is the globally understood benchmark currency. The 90 Day Brand Plan is a great-value DIY solution for business owners who are ready to take action and roll up their sleeves. All I want to do is make my signature Brand Codex© framework available to as many solopreneurs as possible.

What if I give The 90 Day Brand Plan a go and decide it’s not for me?

That would mean you’re not seeing the value in it for your business and would devastate me. The Brand Codex©, the signature framework I guide you through, has seen incredible results for my many 1:1 clients over the years. If, against all odds, you struggle to make it work for you, let’s have a chat (email me at melissa @ abrandisnotalogo dot com) to see how we can make things right. The last thing I want is for you to give up on your brand and resign to the feeling of overwhelm.

I have another burning question. Can I email you?

No worries! Shoot me an email with your question at melissa @ abrandisnotalogo dot com

What's included?

Video Icon 8 videos File Icon 22 files Text Icon 35 text files

Take a sneaky peek at what's inside

Hello! Start Right Here 🤗
🎥 Video: What Makes A Good Brand Strategy?
6 mins
📋 What makes a good brand strategy?
How To Use The Trello Board
5 mins
How to COPY the TRELLO BOARD for your own use
🎥 Video: Understanding the environment you operate in
12 mins
1.1 What's happening outside of your business bubble?
1.2 What alternatives are present?
1.3 What's happening in the broader market?
1.4 What's your current situation?
1.5 Capturing the key insights
Google Scholar
📝 Brand CODEX - The CONTEXT Workbook
398 KB
🎥 Video: Defining your audience
5 mins
2.1 Who are you really talking to? Determining whether you're a B2C or a B2B.
2.2 Demographics
2.3 Psychographics / Lifestyle Factors
2.4 Needs
2.5 Segments
Australian Bureau of Statistics
US Census
UK Census Data
📝 Brand CODEX - The PEOPLE Workbook
174 KB
🎥 Video: Creating your brand foundations
5 mins
3.1 What are your core Brand Values?
3.2 What are your foundational Brand Beliefs?
3.3 What is your Brand Purpose? What does your brand exist to do?
3.4 What is your Brand's Vision of the future? What Legacy will your brand leave?
3.5 Discover your Brand Archetype
3.6 Identify your Brand Archetype Icon
3.7 Define your Brand Personality
3.8 Describe your Brand Tone of Voice
3.9 Establish your Brand Impact
3.10 Distilling your Brand Essence
Personality, Values and Tone of Voice Descriptor Lists
309 KB
📝 Brand CODEX - The FOUNDATIONS Workbook
200 KB
📚 Additional Resources To Learn More
🎥 Video: Defining How You Uniquely Offer Value
6 mins
4.1 What are the benefits you offer?
4.2 What is your Value Proposition?
4.3 What is your promise?
4.4 What are your proof points?
📝 Brand CODEX - The VALUE Workbook
123 KB
🎥 Video: Crafting your message
6 mins
5.1 What behaviour change are you encouraging?
5.2 Define your core message
5.3 Map out your customer journey
5.4 Determine your brand-aligned content themes
5.5 Figure out where and how you'll reach your people
251 KB
📝 Brand CODEX - The MESSAGE Workbook
184 KB
📚 Additional Resources To Learn More
🙌 Lessons Coming Soon 🙌
Bonus Module: Your Brand's Visual Identity
🙌 Bonus Module: Coming Soon 🙌
You Did It! 🎉 🎉 🎉
🎥 Video: Congratulations! Now What?
5 mins
🎨 What to include in a DESIGN brief
3.31 MB
🖋 What to include in a COPYWRITING brief
3.14 MB
🖥 What to include in a WEBSITE brief
3.44 MB
🙌 Coming Soon 🙌 Your Blueprints
Bonus #1: Briefing Templates
🎨 A template to brief a DESIGNER
36.5 KB
🖋 A template to brief a COPYWRITER
36.5 KB
🖥 A template to brief a WEBSITE DESIGNER / DEVELOPER
36.6 KB