The 90 Day Brand Plan

The DIY brand roadmap for industrious solopreneurs.      ⚡️ Gain clarity.       ⚡️ Find your purpose.       ⚡️ And stop winging it. Take control of your brand (and what it stands for) so you never have to second-guess Every.Single.Decision in your business again. In 90 days, map out your entire brand-led strategy. Sound good? Enrol now. 👇👇🏽👇🏿
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What is the 90 Day Brand Plan and how will this course structure work?
🎥 Video: What Makes A Good Brand Strategy?
6 mins
📋 What makes a good brand strategy?
How To Use The Trello Board
5 mins
How to COPY the TRELLO BOARD for your own use
It’s important to understand the context in which your business operates - because no brand exists in a bubble. There are both external and internal factors at play that create this context, and determine your brand's ability to grow the way you want it to. 
This section of the 90 Day Brand Plan will step you through setting the context for your brand with:

  • A PESTLE Analysis (taking stock of external factors)
  • A SWOT Analysis (understanding your current situation)
  • Category and Market Trends (understanding which dynamics will create opportunities or threats)
  • Competitor / Peer Analysis (understanding the alternatives available to your audience, so you can work out how to differentiate)
🎥 Video: Understanding the environment you operate in
12 mins
1.1 What's happening outside of your business bubble?
1.2 What alternatives are present?
1.3 What's happening in the broader market?
1.4 What's your current situation?
1.5 Capturing the key insights
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📝 Brand CODEX - The CONTEXT Workbook
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Your ideal consumer is a real person – they’re not just another potential sale. They’re made up of facts and preferences and thoughts just like anybody is. It’s these things all woven together that can bring about very powerful insights.

If you’re starting from scratch, try to find people who are like those you want to attract to your brand and interview them and/or observe them online. What are they interested in? What types of brands and accounts are they following? What are they posting? What language do they use?

When you can dive deeper than just demographics (moving beyond just who your audience from a stats perspective or who they are on paper) you can build a richer profile of the humans you want to attract to your brand – and therefore, craft more compelling messages to better connect with them.
🎥 Video: Defining your audience
5 mins
2.1 Who are you really talking to? Determining whether you're a B2C or a B2B.
2.2 Demographics
2.3 Psychographics / Lifestyle Factors
2.4 Needs
2.5 Segments
Australian Bureau of Statistics
US Census
UK Census Data
📝 Brand CODEX - The PEOPLE Workbook
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Your brand foundations make up your brand's unique DNA.

They will decision making and help keep your brand on-track at all times. If you begin to feel lost, or you get a gut feeling something is pulling you away from what you set out to do, you can go back to your BRAND BLUEPRINT - summarising your all-important brand foundations - and remind yourself what your brand is here to do and how.


Purpose - your 'why', reason for being
Vision - your aspirational vision of the future (where you're headed)
Values - your guiding lights for how to exist
Beliefs - your statements of truth or what 'should be'
Archetype, Personality & Tone of Voice - your brand as a person
Essence - your brand distilled into 1-2 words
Impact - your brand's contribution to the world
🎥 Video: Creating your brand foundations
5 mins
3.1 What are your core Brand Values?
3.2 What are your foundational Brand Beliefs?
3.3 What is your Brand Purpose? What does your brand exist to do?
3.4 What is your Brand's Vision of the future? What Legacy will your brand leave?
3.5 Discover your Brand Archetype
3.6 Identify your Brand Archetype Icon
3.7 Define your Brand Personality
3.8 Describe your Brand Tone of Voice
3.9 Establish your Brand Impact
3.10 Distilling your Brand Essence
Personality, Values and Tone of Voice Descriptor Lists
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📝 Brand CODEX - The FOUNDATIONS Workbook
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🎥 Video: Defining How You Uniquely Offer Value
6 mins
4.1 What are the benefits you offer?
4.2 What is your Value Proposition?
4.3 What is your promise?
4.4 What are your proof points?
📝 Brand CODEX - The VALUE Workbook
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🎥 Video: Crafting your message
6 mins
5.1 What behaviour change are you encouraging?
5.2 Define your core message
5.3 Map out your customer journey
5.4 Determine your brand-aligned content themes
5.5 Figure out where and how you'll reach your people
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📝 Brand CODEX - The MESSAGE Workbook
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Bonus Module: Your Brand's Visual Identity
🙌 Bonus Module: Coming Soon 🙌
You Did It! 🎉 🎉 🎉
🎥 Video: Congratulations! Now What?
5 mins
🎨 What to include in a DESIGN brief
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🖋 What to include in a COPYWRITING brief
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🖥 What to include in a WEBSITE brief
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🙌 Coming Soon 🙌 Your Blueprints
Bonus #1: Briefing Templates
🎨 A template to brief a DESIGNER
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🖋 A template to brief a COPYWRITER
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🖥 A template to brief a WEBSITE DESIGNER / DEVELOPER
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