Your brand foundations make up your brand's unique DNA.

They will decision making and help keep your brand on-track at all times. If you begin to feel lost, or you get a gut feeling something is pulling you away from what you set out to do, you can go back to your BRAND BLUEPRINT - summarising your all-important brand foundations - and remind yourself what your brand is here to do and how.


Purpose - your 'why', reason for being
Vision - your aspirational vision of the future (where you're headed)
Values - your guiding lights for how to exist
Beliefs - your statements of truth or what 'should be'
Archetype, Personality & Tone of Voice - your brand as a person
Essence - your brand distilled into 1-2 words
Impact - your brand's contribution to the world
🎥 Video: Creating your brand foundations
5 mins
3.1 What are your core Brand Values?
3.2 What are your foundational Brand Beliefs?
3.3 What is your Brand Purpose? What does your brand exist to do?
3.4 What is your Brand's Vision of the future? What Legacy will your brand leave?
3.5 Discover your Brand Archetype
3.6 Identify your Brand Archetype Icon
3.7 Define your Brand Personality
3.8 Describe your Brand Tone of Voice
3.9 Establish your Brand Impact
3.10 Distilling your Brand Essence
Personality, Values and Tone of Voice Descriptor Lists
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📝 Brand CODEX - The FOUNDATIONS Workbook
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