It’s important to understand the context in which your business operates - because no brand exists in a bubble. There are both external and internal factors at play that create this context, and determine your brand's ability to grow the way you want it to. 
This section of the 90 Day Brand Plan will step you through setting the context for your brand with:

  • A PESTLE Analysis (taking stock of external factors)
  • A SWOT Analysis (understanding your current situation)
  • Category and Market Trends (understanding which dynamics will create opportunities or threats)
  • Competitor / Peer Analysis (understanding the alternatives available to your audience, so you can work out how to differentiate)
🎥 Video: Understanding the environment you operate in
12 mins
1.1 What's happening outside of your business bubble?
1.2 What alternatives are present?
1.3 What's happening in the broader market?
1.4 What's your current situation?
1.5 Capturing the key insights
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📝 Brand CODEX - The CONTEXT Workbook
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