Your ideal consumer is a real person – they’re not just another potential sale. They’re made up of facts and preferences and thoughts just like anybody is. It’s these things all woven together that can bring about very powerful insights.

If you’re starting from scratch, try to find people who are like those you want to attract to your brand and interview them and/or observe them online. What are they interested in? What types of brands and accounts are they following? What are they posting? What language do they use?

When you can dive deeper than just demographics (moving beyond just who your audience from a stats perspective or who they are on paper) you can build a richer profile of the humans you want to attract to your brand – and therefore, craft more compelling messages to better connect with them.
🎥 Video: Defining your audience
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2.1 Who are you really talking to? Determining whether you're a B2C or a B2B.
2.2 Demographics
2.3 Psychographics / Lifestyle Factors
2.4 Needs
2.5 Segments
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